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Top Tech Company of the Year Nomination

This year DataPrivia was nominated for and has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious “Top Tech Company of the Year” award by Region 2000.  DataPrivia is a Cybersecurity and Information Technology company that excels in solving security and technology issues. While cybersecurity is DataPrivia’s core competency, we know from experience that security and technology cannot be implemented without a complete understanding of both. We know that security doesn’t start with bolt on controls, rather security is configured into every device and into the very design and architecture of a network.

According to Information Management magazine, security/privacy has been a top-ten issue for over a decade, moving into the top five in 2014. Ranked number two again this year, 31.5% of respondents selected security and privacy as a top IT management issue for their organization.  Based on the contribution DataPrivia has made to securing businesses across the country, our business peers found it fitting that DataPrivia would be named a finalist for this award. We are humbled by the acknowledgement and encouraged to work even harder to provide the level of services our clients need in order to protect their businesses and improve upon the technologies that they use to grow their businesses.