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Ransomware Attacks, Your Data is Gone… Or is it?

The All Too Real Situation

You are working late trying to finish that special project, suddenly your computer starts running slow and programs start to crash. You have been hit with ransomware and it is actively encrypting all of your data. Locking it down and locking you out. You quickly attempt to back up your special project to a removal drive, but it is to no avail; the ransomware has already begun encrypting that as well. Now, in addition to your project, all of your family photos from that last great vacation are gone, locked, never to be seen again unless you pay the extortive ransom demands. Or are they?

The Solution

Last week your IT staff installed the brand new Sophos Intercept X. It has been silently watching your computers behavior and it has identified the threat that the ransomware is posing, even though your antivirus is powerless to stop it. Intercept X quickly gets to work studying how the ransomware is working and discovers its hidden key that is being used to lock down your data. Now that Intercept X has the key, it goes on the counterattack. Using its state-of-the-art CryptoGuard technology, it immediately shuts down the ransomware processes and removes them from your system. CryptoGuard then uses the discovered key to unlock your data returning it to its original safe state. In seemingly no time at all, you are back to finishing up your project and happily browsing through your family photos.

Maybe this has happened to you or your company before. Don’t let it happen again. Contact the DataPrivia sales team today. They will discuss the technology with you, provide quotes, and quickly and easily walk you through the purchasing process. The DataPrivia technical teams are then available to answer any questions related to setting up the product and helping ensure that you get off to a smooth start.

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