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Why Industry Specific Solutions?

Whereas core IT infrastructure components like networking, firewalls, and even to a large degree collaboration solutions, like Microsoft 365, tend to be universal across industries and business verticals, there are many solutions that should – if not must – be selected based on what is best based on your organization’s industry. From student information systems (SIS) for higher education to electronic health record (EHR/EMR) systems for healthcare it is imperative to your success as an organization that you utilize the correct solution for your position within your industry.

Further, it is key that the selected systems are able to support the integrations and business process and workflow functionality that makes your day-to-day business tick. Beyond the out-of-box feature sets, it is essential that your selected system meet the flexibility requirements of your business to support the custom integrations and partner/customer interactions that you need as an organization to be successful.

This is where a partnership with our team will help your business to succeed. Our business technology experts will help guide your critical solution decisions, helping you understand at every turn the pros/cons, obvious and hidden  costs, and what innovative possibilities may exist with a potential solution to give your organization the edge over your competitors.

Industry Solutions

Higher Education

Optimized student application and admittance processes, student engagement & retention, and effective institutional research and data analytics have never been more important to the success of higher education institutions. Our team can empower your staff by developing and implementing the technology solutions and processes necessary to support these critical endeavors.


Disparate patient scheduling, EHR/EMR systems, medication management, ambulatory software, and accounting solutions, can often leave medical practices, hospitals, and medical practice networks deeply concerned about the integrity of their data and quality of patient care. Our team can facilitate platform unity and single pane-of-glass visibility to ensure that no patient or payment falls through the cracks.


From B2B distribution and DTC fulfillment, to customer integrations, and shipment management, logistics organizations are constantly presented with new challenges and are often left struggling to keep up with the changes necessary for efficient growth and sustainable operations. Our team can help by optimizing processes, improving integration capabilities, and reducing technical overhead.


With current economical forecasts and supply chain concerns, manufacturers are often searching for any and all opportunities to increase efficiencies and decreases costs while maintaining the quality of product and safety. Our team can assist your business in these goals by establishing and improving reporting and analytics, increasing operational visibility, and expediting the identification of errors and faults.

Online Platforms & Services

Having shaped much of the current digital landscape both online and via mobile applications, online platforms and services face the need to continuously mature, increase cost-effectiveness and efficiencies and improve security. Our team can partner with your internal technology staff to ensure mandate compliance, low-risk operations and best practice security, and optimal cloud service utilization.


Never before has the demand from customers to be able to purchase anything from anywhere been so strong. From websites and mobiles devices, to SMS and wearables, customer reachability and engagement has never been more important. Our team can ensure that your business is using the most optimal solutions to maintain your existing customers while reaching new customers in innovative ways. 


Technology solutions and product sales for municipalities, US State and Federal Government entities, the US Military, and the contractors that support them.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business authorized for a variety of technology based NAICS and PCS codes.

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“I don't know where we would be without you guys [DataPrivia]. You keep things working and let us grow without worrying if our technology can keep up.”
E-Commerce/Retail Owner with Over 650 Points of Presence
“We are so thankful for you all [DataPrivia]. You successfully implemented processes that we have been struggling to get off the ground with for many years."
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success At A 5k+ Student University

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