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Innovative Solutions & Consulting Services for Higher Education

In the competitive world of higher education, institutions must constantly strive to maximize efficiencies and evolve on the cutting-edge of innovation. Our team of seasoned higher education experts are familiar with the complete range of solutions and processes that make your organization tick and can aid you in your journey of growth and innovation.

From innovative, cloud-based student application hosting, to CRM process management, automations, and integrations, our team can help ensure that you are maximizing on on lead value, maximizing lead to applicant conversions, and minimizing the manual effort required to move a student from lead to accepted applicant.

Whether you are looking to integrate your Salesforce CRM with your Ellucian Banner SIS, or you are looking to integrate your Jenzabar SIS with your PowerFAIDS financial aid system, or any other ed-tech integration to improve your internal processes and workflows, our team of experts can step in and assist with everything from process design and implementation, to day-to-to management, to annual reviews and health checks.

Improve your student engagement and retention with comprehensive cradle-to-grave analytics and insights into your students’ journeys and experiences with your organization. Our team can facilitate the unification of your student data sources, both those known to you and those you may not be aware of, to ensure you are maximizing on your data value. 

Our team can optimize your post-graduation processes and workflows to seamlessly transition students into alumni categorizations with minimized manual effort.

Additionally, our team can establish student lifecycle integrated analytics that allow for more effective and better targeted marketing/donation solicitation campaigns based on an alumni’s former student journey.

Have you ever wished that you could automate a process that your staff spends seemingly endless time on each semester? Have you ever wondered if there was a better, faster way to accomplish your existing day-to-day business processes? Our team can facilitate these automations, and process improvements across the spectrum, from financial aid, to the registrar, to the office of the provost, and beyond.

Regardless of your department, our team can help implement comprehensive analytics capable of providing deeper data insights to help with your day-to-day and long-term planning decisions.

Additionally, our team can facilitate the establishment of data quality reports to ensure that bad data or missing data is caught and corrected as soon as possible to prevent possible issues for your students and staff.

For institutions looking to maximize on data value and stretch their capabilities, our team can implement machine learning and data trending analysis to provide data forecasting models to assist with long-term strategic decisions.

Is Your Institution Growing and Bursting with Innovation and Excellence?

Let our team aid you in your journey to constantly deliver a better overall student experience and to grow your student body year-over-year with maximized resource and cost effectiveness.