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Modern technology solutions that support small practices, hospitals, and large medical networks helping to improve patient care and increase operational efficiency.

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Patient Care & Practice Improving Services for Healthcare Organizations

DataPrivia works with healthcare organizations by leveraging the latest technology solutions to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. Whether your organization is looking to implement or upgrade to a new electronic health record (EHR) system or you are looking implement advanced patient analytics to strategically improve patient care at lower costs, DataPrivia’s consultants can help you achieve your goals.
DataPrivia’s business technology consultants can help select and implement advanced healthcare technologies such as electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, and patient portals, to help improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs within your organization.

Regardless of your organization’s size, our team can help implement comprehensive analytics capable of providing deeper data insights to help increase patient care and improve day-to-day and long-term planning decisions.

Additionally, our team can facilitate the establishment of data quality reports to ensure that bad data or missing data is caught and corrected as soon as possible to prevent possible issues for your patients and staff.

For organizations looking to maximize on data value and stretch their capabilities, our team can implement machine learning and data trending analysis to provide data forecasting models to assist with long-term strategic decisions.

DataPrivia can implement OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics) and OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership) to provide organizations with two powerful tools that can help improve patient care.

These solutions and their ancillary components combined allow medical organizations to identify trends and patterns in patient health data, which can inform better clinical decision-making and lead to more personalized patient care.

By leveraging the power of OHDSI and OMOP, medical organizations can make more informed decisions, provide more personalized care to their patients, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

From credit card transactions to long-term patient data storage, DataPrivia’s consultants can help your organization ensure that your patient data is protected and your technology risks are within an acceptable level to your organization.

DataPrivia’s compliance experts can help you prepare for and ultimately complete a wide range of industry applicable compliance assessments. From PCI, to HIPAA, to SOC2, DataPrivia can help ensure that you are operating within compliance without loss of daily process efficiency.

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