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Engage with customers, innovate with product and service delivery, maximize customer retention, and grow your e-commerce business like never before.

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Technology Solutions that Drive E-Commerce Growth

DataPrivia’s comprehensive team of consultants, ranging in expertise from compliance and risk management and cyber security to custom development and integration can help ensure that your e-commerce business thrives in today’s competitive online shopping marketplace.

From CRM solution implementations and management, to campaign management systems and social media lead tracking, our staff can help your team get in front of potential customers faster and stay in front of them, maximizing your conversion rates and lowering your customer acquisition costs.

As competition within the online marketplace continues to increase, it is imperative for organizations to retain customers for as long as possible. DataPrivia’s consultants can help you implement innovative shopping experiences and marketing campaigns for your customers.

Whether you are looking at just starting to sell online or if you are a large organization looking to start selling via text messages and wearables, DataPrivia’s consultants can. help give you an edge within your product or service space. 

DataPrivia’s consultants can help implement data aggregation solutions and comprehensive analytics that are capable of reporting on your data in a unified manor across your various selling channels.

DataPrivia can also utilize machine learning and predictive algorithms to identify customer trends and supply chain recommendations and help organizations make strategic long-term decisions that will help their business grow larger, faster.

In the modern online marketplace, e-commerce stores must constantly concern themselves with regulatory compliance. These compliance mandate requirements often leave organizations struggling to keep up, or allowing compliance to fall by the way side.

Our team can establish aggregated compliance strategies the are the accumulation of all of your organization’s requirements and align those into a singular procedural control outline, helping with compliance and customer privacy.

Additionally, our team can facilitate the implementation of the appropriate technical controls to meet any compliance requirement – be it PCI for payment transactions, GDPR for customer data privacy, or a litany of other applicable compliance mandates..

For organizations needing to increase their sell channel flexibility, deliver a more customized customer experience, or be capable of rapid scaling to achieve growth goals, DataPrivia’s business technology consultants and e-commerce development staff can help implement a headless e-commerce solution that is perfect for your organization.

Whether you are looking to sell via the screen on a smart watch, or looking to more deeply integrate your purchasing system with your digital product delivery system, or you are looking to excel in innovation and interact with your customer-base like never before, DataPrivia’s staff can help you reach your goals.

You’ve made the sale, now what? For small e-commerce stores, it is often easy to process orders daily “by hand” and ensure timely product delivery. For organizations beginning to scale, it can be a challenge to being working with large distribution warehouse and networks as the need grows to have a greater ability to get your product to your customers fast and have that solution scale.

For implementations and product support for fulfillment solutions like ShipStation, to ERP systems like NetSuite and Salesforce to custom 3PL (third party logistics) company integrations, DataPrivia’s staff can you you grow like never before.

Is Your E-Commerce Platform Scaling With Your Business and Supporting Your Growth Goals?

Let our team aid you in your journey to constantly increase operational efficiency, improve customer engagement and retention, and realize your goals for growth.