Regulatory compliance made simple without sacrifice

Government Contractors & Subcontractors

Helping organizations comply with DFARS, ITAR, CMMC, NIST 800-171/800-53, and more.

Medical Organizations & Healthcare Companies

Providing companies with services necessary to comply with HIPAA, PCI, and PII - Best Practices.

Higher Education & Financial Institutions

Facilitating compliance with GLBA, PCI, GDPR, FERPA, Sarbanes Oxley, and more.

Closing the loop and Simplifying Multiple Mandate Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance Services

DataPrivia offers comprehensive services for customers with complex compliance regulations and mandates and for customers that have multiple mandates we provide a “cross-walked” or “derived” approach to developing policies and standards. Over the past decade we have fine-tuned the relationship between our Compliance Services, our Cyber Security Services, and our Advanced Technology Services. Compliance professionals work closely with our technical teams to provide you with a thorough review of your IT environment. Based on that review our experts will provide your organization with recommendations that have been fully vetted to make certain that they not only meet you compliance mandates but will also make you more secure and will improve your systems’ operational availability. Having a comprehensive solution provider like DataPrivia means that no matter the size of your organization, we have the services you need to be compliant, secure, and highly available.

DataPrivia provides organizations that have complex IT Compliance mandates with the Advanced Technology and Cyber Security experience necessary to become compliant and remain compliant.

Industry focused solutions

Government Prime & Subprime Contractors

DataPrivia’s compliance team has decades of combined experience providing assessment and remediation services to entities who are required to comply with NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, DFARS, ITAR, and CMMC. Our experts will assess your existing policies and technologies and then create the derived policies and remediation strategies required for your organization to attain compliance with all of its required mandates.


At DataPrivia, we understand that compliance requirements for your medical organization do not end with HIPAA. Regardless of whether your team is struggling with HIPAA, PCI, or PII security and compliance, OR your organization needs assistance with auditing and attaining compliance with cyber insurance requirements, DataPrivia’s compliance experts can assist with every step of the process. We will help ensure that your requirements are met and that your patients are protected.


Higher education and financial institutions require some of the most complex compliance policy sets. Often, entities within this sector require a combination of lengthy compliance mandates including: GLBA, PCI, GDPR, FERPA, and many more. What complicates compliance even further, is that in the case of higher education and financial institutions, both industries must accommodate large numbers of non-employed users and non-organization-owned devices accessing their technology systems. DataPrivia’s compliance team has decades of combined experience working with such organization to help them attain and maintain their compliance while still operating a secure and highly functional network.

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Need Help Implementing CMMC?

As a CMMC-AB approved Registered Provider Organization (RPO), DataPrivia provides full-scope CMMC services, from assessments, to writing your System Security Plan and other documentation and policies, to full scope CMMC-compliant technology implementation and Managed IT Services. CMMC readiness assessments help prepare DIB contractors for Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) audits by identifying gaps, determining remediation solutions, and developing a System Security Plan (SSP) and a Plan of Action and Milestone document (POAM). All DataPrivia CMMC assessments begin with a full network vulnerability assessment using the best tools available. Our assessments are faster, more thorough, and provide actionable cybersecurity intelligence to our customers.
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Is DataPrivia the Right Fit for Your Organization?

Government & Related Contractors

Institutions and organization who need to comply with DFARS, CMMC, ITAR, NIST 800-171, or NIST 800-53

Medical Organizations

Medical practices, practice management groups, healthcare networks, hospitals, specialists, and pharmaceutical organizations that need to comply with HIPAA

Colleges & Universities

Institutions of higher education who must comply with mandates such as FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and GLBA

Financial, Legal, and Real Estate

Financial institutions, investment organization, banking, insurance, law firms, and real estate entities that need to comply with mandates such as GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley

Energy Sector & Manufacturing

Organizations who need to comply with mandates such as FARS, ITAR, NIST 800-171 and NIST 800-53

Organizations with Complex Needs

Any organization that insists on a secure network posture that must remain highly available despite having complex network requirements

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DataPrivia has provided advanced information technology and assessment services for over 10 years to customers across the United States and Canada. With decades of combined experience seamlessly integrating compliance, security, and highly reliable technology, DataPrivia stands ready to support your organization.