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DataPrivia's seasoned team of technology experts can assess each aspect of your organization's IT to identify weaknesses and security gaps.


Strategically securing your network against attacks and threats, known and unknown, and preparing your people to stand ready to defend.


Is your organization prepared to withstand the storm? Our cyber experts can help test your security using a variety of assessment methods.

Because Attackers Don't Have A Time Limit

Unified Assessments for Improved Cyber Security

DataPrivia approaches cyber security from a defensive perspective. The difference in our approach, as opposed to a penetration test, is the difference of a Blue Team exercise versus a Red Team exercise. Blue Team exercises are done internally with a defensive mindset whereas Red Team approaches are external offensive attacks. The problem with a Red Team approach is that the organization whom you retain to perform the exercise has limited information about your network and in almost every project, the hiring organization limits the time the Red Team has to test. The problem is that this type of exercise or test does not match reality. Attackers have unlimited time during which to attack your network and it is unreasonable to think that any penetration test could ever truly equate with that scenario.

DataPrivia’s approach is to work with your organization from the “inside”. As part of this strategy, your organization provides full details of your network, systems, and applications. Our team then uses that information in combination with our extensive knowledge of offensive digital and social attack methodologies to fill gaps and help your organization create a secure infrastructure that is capable of withstanding a barrage of attacks. This is especially useful for identifying very small vulnerabilities that could ultimately lead to a very large compromise on your network; yet, would typically go unnoticed in a penetration test.

Our services

Architecture Assessments

In a complete IT architecture assessment, DataPrivia’s assessment team works with your organization’s internal teams to review every aspect of network, systems, and applications to discover issues and develop remediation strategies.

Security Operations & Leadership

DataPrivia offers a range of operational security services. From Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and security operations center monitoring services to incident and vulnerability management programs.

User Training & Awareness

DataPrivia can provide your organization with user training and awareness services to help prepare your staff for the myriad of attacks that are directed primarily at the people of your organization. From one-time engagements to ongoing monthly services, DataPrivia can help facilitate your company’s training needs in whatever manner suits your organization best.

Penetration Testing & Red Teams

DataPrivia offers a range of Red Team services to test the existing security of your network, systems, and people. Ranging from penetration testing and verified vulnerability scans to social engineering campaigns and simulated phishing attacks, DataPrivia can test all levels of your organization to help identify weaknesses.
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Is Penetration Testing Important?

YES! However, DataPrivia strongly recommends that your business not spend resources on penetration tests and similar measures until after your organization has already performed an internal assessment and has remediated all issues therein discovered.

Is DataPrivia the Right Fit for Your Organization?

Government & Related Contractors

Institutions and organization who need to comply with DFARS, CMMC, ITAR, NIST 800-171, or NIST 800-53

Medical Organizations

Medical practices, practice management groups, healthcare networks, hospitals, specialists, and pharmaceutical organizations that need to comply with HIPAA

Colleges & Universities

Institutions of higher education who must comply with mandates such as FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and GLBA

Financial, Legal, and Real Estate

Financial institutions, investment organization, banking, insurance, law firms, and real estate entities that need to comply with mandates such as GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley

Energy Sector & Manufacturing

Organizations who need to comply with mandates such as FARS, ITAR, NIST 800-171 and NIST 800-53

Organizations with Complex Needs

Any organization that insists on a secure network posture that must remain highly available despite having complex network requirements

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